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Thursday, January 30, 2014

CHOBANI Yoghurt Game Day Ad: Filmed near me!

This Super Bowl 2014 ad was made in my little town in Hope, BC, Canada...right around the corner of the motel I manage and live in! The producer and directors stayed with us and the crew. The bear rounds the corner and would hit my place in about 8 steps. SO COOL!

Here are a few pics and a clip I took while they were filming:

 My entire block was roped off for 3 days and that grey jeep turning the corner went past my window a million times. :)  I SHOULD have been that clerk...a star would have been born! :)


  1. Recognized the town immediately, how beautiful! Was an exchange student there!!!

  2. loved the ad, loved seeing Hope again. Recognized it immediately, even though I spent a wonderful year there 30 years ago


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