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Friday, May 27, 2016



I run the biggest (and may I humbly suggest, the best) Outlander fan group on FaceBook: Outlander Series. To date, we are nearing the 58,000 member mark and are growing daily. *All are welcome...but please know we are an international group, so spoilers are allowed...

The subject of our beloved Outlander actors being objectified roars into the forum, as it did yesterday, with some regularity and is discussed with unheralded passion and a fierce, Mama Grizzly Bear-like protectionism...especially for Sam and Caitriona...but in essence, all players. The lack of respect for them and how they are not seen for their talents but for their beauty, boobs n' arses by many in our fandom is pontificated and those unruly sexual pervs are roasted over the pit of their fiery indignation.

I am in the minority (as usual) and disagree with them. I think our fandom is fabulous and many of the 'pervs' being demonized are really just excited and impassioned fans who like to show their love, share their obsession and talk a wee bit dirty sometimes ...but still know they are talking about real people ...and not 'objects'. The defensive are lumping all sexually vocal fans together in one harsh lump, and I think it isn't quite fair.

Actors who show their naughty bits will be lusted after. Many will only be known forever for it and that, again, is just human nature. For example, when I think of Burt Reynolds (yes, I am dating myself, shut up) I think of this picture, not his many movies and charity drives etc...
...so does that make me someone who is objectifying him, or simply lusting after him because he chose to show me his full enchilada? He made a choice and that does not make him a bad actor, just one who does not mind being lusted after. I think the Outlander crew can relate.

Should anyone touch or grab a celebrity? Sure, if they ASK you to, otherwise, keep your bloody hands to yourself. THOSE people objectify...not true fans.#bitchslapallbootygrabbers

Bottom line? I think it is the word 'objectify' itself that I have issue with. It is simply wrong, in regards to in our fandom. For the most part, we love the actors and do not objectify them, but lust after them in varying degrees. 

So here is a new word for you all then: LUSTIFY. Not objectify. Most Outlander fans do NOT objectify the actors but LUSTIFY them. They are lustified, not objectified. Lustification, not objectification. They are not made 'objects', but 'lustects'. 
*TO-DO LIST: thicken the Mirraim-Webster Dictionary with a few more words: check! 
**Yes, I am aware 'wordophile' isnt a real word either...yet. *wink*

You're welcome. 
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