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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

JAMIE & CLAIRE TEXTS: My 'Outlander Today' Memes

April 21 2014
How's that for good news today? I am grateful to all the Outlander fans who have been 'getting' my humor...THANK YOU!! VOL.2 in almost done!


Ever wonder what present-day texts between Jamie and Claire would look like? Come see for yourself...*new memes added daily/weekly

YAY!! My new wee eBook is out on Amazon today! THANKS to all the passionate fans who encouraged me to do so, I made a compilation of my 'OUTLANDER TODAY: Jamie and Claire Texts' (and other memes) and, WITH DIANA'S verra generous PERMISSION, and added MORE for you to enjoy! I kept in under $2.00 and as I say in the opening page, the money earned will NOT go to the vats of red wine I desire, but straight to my daughter's University Fund (she has the makings of a fine writer!). THANK YOU all for your support and I hope you love these as much as you did the others! CHEERS!!!

*Link to book is the first comment below: Please leave a rating and comment on Amazon if ye like it! **click the following text: OUTLANDER-TODAY-JAMIE-CLAIRE-TEXTS

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In honour of Diana approving of my parody of her amazing characters:

**8 FIVE STAR REVIEWS after only 2 DAYS!! (April 1-3 2014)

My newest meme: *and Volume 2 on the way!

Another 5 STAR REVIEW:


Sunday, March 16, 2014


In honor of OUTLANDER, a series of books by a woman who has single-handedly made kilts an aphrodisiac and Scottish history more entertaining than a Soap Opera, I give to you THINGS TARTAN (*NOT PLAID, okay?). An eclectic collection of that amazingly versatile and eye-catching artistry.

I was once told the only difference between the words plaid and tartan was that one rhymed with ‘dad’. Incorrect! TRUTH: plaid is a garment, tartan is a pattern. Memorize this fact and WOW any and all who say otherwise.

So, without further ado, here is my collection, inspired by my passion and appreciation of Everything Scottish made real by the imagination, skilled wordsmithery (yes, I can make up words…it’s my blog) and plain old great writing of Herself. 

  To begin, here is a wee, 6 inch cardboard cutout 'Pocket Jamie'...a must-have for any Outlander Fan. 6 inches is just fine.
And now, random entries:



Ageless Sean Connery!

Scottish Ninja Team:

The Royals!

Ouch...huge tat!