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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

THINGS THAT MAKE ME GO WTF?: The Unbearable Oddness of Being Part 4 (The Sam Heughan Beer Ads)

Sam Heughan riding a unicorn. WFT?

Sam Heughan playing poker with monkeys. WTF?

Sam Heughan dreaming of a headless plucked chicken with shoes playing hopscotch. WWWWWTTTTFFFF???

And Sam wears a cheesy handlebar moustache the whole time?

No...I have not been ingesting hallucinogens. (well, not knowingly. this year.) So, you see...it goes something like this:

You've heard of someone being Snow Blind, right? It means: 'temporarily blinded by the glare of light reflected by a large expanse of snow.'

Have you ever heard of being Sam Blind? In my case, it means: 'temporarily blinded by the glare of Handsome reflected by a large influx of Sam Heughan.'

It's the only explanation that makes sense to why I have never seen these things before now! I run the biggest and best Outlander group on FaceBook with 75,000plus members (click here to join: OS) and I see myriad pics of Sam a day...he is a popular wee lad...and so, somehow, I missed that he did a series of beer commercials earlier in his career! He plays Hugh Tennent, the famous Scottish Brewer and he does it with panache*! *if panache means completely goofy.

And now, here are the whole WTF? lot of them...and just to clarify, I really LOVE goofy. The adjective...not the Disney dog...although he is cute too...but never mind...you know what I mean....I hope...

1) Tennent's Lager, Can Monkeys


2) Tennent's Lager, Tents


 3) Tennent's Lager, Hugh's Pride


4) Tennent's Lager, Export


5) Tennent's Lager, Too Loud 


6) Tennent's Lager, The New Firm


7) Tennent's Lager, A Madman's Dream 


So...am I right? El Goofazoid? Exactly. Gotta love it.
(and if you have seen these before and NEVER TOLD ME...well, you just wait...)
*shakes fist in air menacingly*