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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Define Media Whore:  ‘A person who has a psychological need to get into TV, Film, Radio or Print’
Define Masochist:  A person who obtains sexual pleasure by inflicting pain or suffering upon themselves’
Define Bootlicker: ‘An obsequious or overly deferential person; a toady’

Now that we have established what these terms mean, we can evaluate why I have come to the conclusion that I have become a perfect example of the combination of them, and why I know that I am not alone.
First, let me assure you that I am not degrading myself. This may seem illogical considering the individual components, but truly, my evolution into a Media Whoring Pseudo-Masochistical Bootlicker has been enlightening, liberating and, I must say, a whole lot of fun.

The addition of the prefix ‘pseudo’ to masochist was meant to dilute the intensity of the sexual slant of the word, but it was necessary as I simply I do not get any sexual pleasure from self-publishing and marketing my books. I just suck in the pain and suffering part of it and, like a cheap shampoo, repeat repeat, repeat. I do get a huge thrill after clicking the ‘submit manuscript’ button on Amazon KDP Select, but it is hardly orgasmic. Yes, I get slightly dizzy, light up a borrowed cigarette and have to cuddle the nearest pillow for a minute afterwards, but doesn’t everyone?

I think it's important to ‘know yourself’ and having just self-published my book The Saving of NATION on Amazon, and having made a real attempt to market it properly, I now know that I am a M.W.P.M.B. (sorry, it’s not a clever acronym but I couldn’t figure out how to make S.E.X.K.I.T.T.E.N. work). I had Self-Published two other books a while back, but never really tried to sell them, thinking that the sheer brilliance of my writing and genius premises would attract buyers like the devout to a bleeding Virgin Mary statue, but I soon met reality (after making $33.27 cents on my first royalty cheque) and made a vow to not abandon NATION to Smashwords purgatory. And now, as they say in the SP biz, I agree with the generally accepted but unwritten SP Motto “The writing is the easy part”. Yes…the promoting/schlepping is the killer: finding an eye or ear big enough to help get your work on top of the Heap. And I do mean capital ‘H’ Heap. 

So, that is what I did, and am doing. I Self-Published, then set out to promote, spotlight, highlight, advertise and generally shove my book down as many throats as humanly possible without getting bitten. I started out with the usual ‘FFF&T’ (family, friends, FaceBook & Twitter). I got VERY lucky and had a famous author, Ian Ferguson, hop on board and kindly offer me a pull-out quote for promotions which I am flogging to death, but then I realized that the new trend towards creating book trailers was a massive attention getter, so I taught myself to make them which was, besides giving birth, the most ball-busting experience a scrotum-less female has ever survived. But survive I did and I am pleased with the results, especially for NATION, which made it easy for me to offer my video-baby up for sharing on YouTube, but hoping, deep in my heart, that a King Solomon-like publisher will sweep in and make a judgement call, taking my baby away and giving it to its rightful mother: the buying public.

But for now I will hone my wanton ways and continue my
100% Guaranteed Successful 7 Point SP Marketing System:

1) Tweet dozens and dozens of journalists, magazines and newspapers around the world (Canada, USA, England and especially Germany, as my book is about the son of Hitler who was hidden and raised in Canada after the war) saying succinctly, in 140 characters or less that my NEW HIT NOVEL (my white lies can blind the unprotected eye) is the next best thing since sliced bread…dipped in Baily’s Irish Crème;

2) E-mail editors of every known media around the world with a very important looking news release explaining that there is a breakthrough novel out now (maybe I should change that to ‘breakthrough a’la novelle’ to avoid legal action?) that has proof Hitler had a son and they’d better get that on the news RIGHT AWAY before the kid reaches puberty;

3)  Write publishers and agents praising them for their astute business senses, keen eyes for talent and sexy on-line profile pictures;

4) ‘LIKE’ hundreds of Face Book sites that I would never dream to looking at, posting my trailers, Amazon links and my measurements while ‘THANKS FOR LOOKING!’ them all ad nauseum;

5) Repeatedly add aforementioned links and trailers to random forums, my blog site: Parca's Chosen and my website: http://www.denisesevierfries.com/ (see, I warned you... Media Whore) making my poor followers, who never complain about (or notice?) my desperation, suffer right along with me. And shake things up once in a while and caption these posts with an eye-catching 'SEX SEX and MORE SEX!' title, then apologize for the trick. It works;

6) Use pictures for the author's photo that are at least 20 years old. Sex sells and having one chin and my own teeth is definitely a more attractive look. It isn't lying...it's still 'me'. *Actually, I seem to be getting younger in every picture I use, so if you ever come across a book with a fetus on the back cover's author profile...that's me;

7) Continue to e-mail, Face Book, twitter and generally pester the rich and powerful (read ‘connected’) like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Wolf Blitzer, Jon Stewart, Brad Pitt, Stephen Spielberg and Adolf Hitler himself (on the off-chance that he pulled a Walt Disney and is frozen somewhere in Argentina and willing to give an interview after thawing).

And yes, I will continue to write books that tell the myriad stories trapped in my graying head and I will not judge those SP writers who are trying as hard as I am, to be the best MWPMB that they can be. I know I am not alone. I live on writer's forum boards and enter writing contests whenever possible (and if someone comes up with a group that can actually make S.E.X.K.I.T.T.E.N. a useful name, I'm in.)