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Sunday, February 23, 2014

OLYMPIC GOLD: Coffee, Popcorn and Pajama Bottoms


My new small town won my heart today. Well...actually, this morning...at 4:00 a.m. to be precise.

Hope BC, Canada. Wee town 2 hours from Vancouver. Not much happens after 10:00 p.m. and they roll the streets up at 11:00.

But on Feb 23 2014 the word went out: the local theater was opening its doors at 3:30 a.m. and game time was at 4:00. I wondered if anyone would show so early, but my 14 yr old daughter Katharina and I thought we'd brave it nonetheless. We are night owls. We could do a 2 man wave if (I mean WHEN) we scored.
 But rounding the cold winter corner, the streets were jammed with cars and over 250 people, some from a half hour away, packed the lovely wee pink, black and decidedly nostalgic movie house. My chest almost burst with patriotic pride!

I have never, in my 50+ years, been to a theater for anything other than a movie, so this was a treat for me on many levels, but sharing it with my daughter, who was never into hockey all that much, was the biggest bonus of all. What a way to introduce the game; giant screen and the world's best players...and popcorn!

Hot coffee, muffins and concession food. And hockey. Hard combo to beat.

So it was, that the largest collection of people with bed hair and morning breath I had ever witnessed, shared the amazing Men's Olympic Gold Medal Game with me and my awestruck daughter (who was mostly impressed with being allowed to eat Sour Peach Candy and drink caffeinated coffee for breakfast, to be honest).

Here is the Youtube clip of our gang * Katja and I are the dark blurred pair on the left (for a brief second at the 0:20 minute mark). Canada Wins Gold-Reaction at Hope Cinema

The ONLY down side to this day was wondering why this didn't happen for the Canadian Women's Gold Medal Game? They won first and gave our guys inspiration and competition for excellence...they deserved a crowded hall of crusty-eyed admirers too...

 YAY CANADA! We are...*head falls on table and snoring begins*