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Monday, August 10, 2015



I don't sew.

I don't create things with cloth except one other voodoo doll of BJR that I recently made for our Outlander FB group (Outlander is a popular book/tv series by Diana Gabaldon and I admin our 52,000 strong AWESOME group called Outlander Series FaceBook Group).

THAT voodoo doll was such a success (see link at the end of this post), so I am determined to create another for an equally bloody bastard who deserves to writhe in any pain I can dish out: George Warleggan

If you like, join me in my GW Voodoo Doll creation project as I make it now. It is 12:54 a.m. and I can't sleep. So...why not now? *sips AF wine*

I will post as I go along...and regardless of whether anyone follows, I will be rewarded with a way to vent. It will more than likely turn out crappy as my BJR doll was a surprising success and I am not that lucky to do so well twice, but what the hell...beats doing dishes, as I like to say.

*click pics to enlarge

Wish me luck.



Sketching in the outline of the creepy little monster:

 Light colors first...

 Pug ugly shit. Well...not really but his character is ugly!

 Settle the lines permanently...

What a bland man...really...I mean, at least BJR was colorful! George dresses like his personality: a dark, dull, boring little prick. LOL!

A nice back for the knife... 

Almost done...

Except for the hat, he is done! My glue gun has packed it in, so I will post George with his hat tomorrow. I think it's bed time...2:30 a.m. here...*yawn* BUT, there are a few things missing that will keep him still until tomorrow... the pins! LOL! Next pic then...

Strategic pin placement...one right in the ol' Warleggan Family Jewels...
*big smile*

Till tomorrow...g'night!
OKAY! Finished the hat! George Warleggan is DONE! Here are the stages: Beg my daughter for her glue gun again...I haven't used one in years and she is skeptical...


My fingers are all glued together...

Oooops...too big. I thought his head was fatter... LOL! I don't care...I'll make it fit...

Ta da! My voodoo doll completed...where ARE those pins?

 *see my Voodoo BJR (Black Jack Randall) from Outlander!