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Saturday, May 23, 2015


I should have been an Ad Exec.

Wentworth was a gut-wrenching, heart-shredding, make-your-eyeballs-bleed kind of episode that prisons now use for punishment instead of the death penalty, but all I could think of was how many companies could have used it for their advertising. It was a Cornucopia of Commercials. A Plethora of Product Placement opportunities. A Sponsorship MotherShip. *okay, I’ll stop now but you KNOW you are trying to think of more…

Millions of viewers. A massive audience of varied demographics, most of which are adults with the means to purchase these products. *this ain’t no kiddie show where 5-13 years olds are the main audience and Lego and Play Doh are schlepped 


So. Which real life retailers came to mind? Here are my Top 30.*if you are easily offended, politically correct or prone to clutching your pearl necklace before fainting on your Fainting Couch, it would a good time to stop reading now and go save a puppy or pick flowers or something…anything but see this very rude collection of insensitive ads. Off you go now...RUN!!  

Okay.The rest of you can stay.

                                   *click to enlarge

                        YES, THE NEXT THREE ARE A REAL COMPANY TOO: 
                                   JACK BLACK SKIN CARE* Ishityounot




  1. Hi Denise, are you going to do a more detailed review of this episode? I like your funny recaps, but I´d love to read your take on this episode. I didnt find this ep. heartbreaking or gut-wrenching, but rather hilarious. The dialouges were eye-rolling and sometimes didnt even make sense. Also it seems the english in the 18th century were really dumb. As much as I like Tobias Menzies, I got really annoyed by his performence. The shift of power between BJR and Jamie (from the book to the show) is not really understandable if you take both of their physique and fight experience into consideration as well as Jamies pain level. Also why would Jamie think about BJR when he would lay with Claire? These lines from the book were totally misplaced since he didnt suffer any sexual abuse from BJR until then. The worse was BJR monologue about honour and his little history course of honourable deaths. Yes, we know Tobias was on HBO´s Rome as Brutus, but come on, is that really necessary to the story? Since when is BJR honourable? And why would a "sadist" ask his victim - the victim he chose on the ground why this victim could be broken by him - to surrender? Doesnt he get the kick out of breaking him?
    And then there is Claire? I dont know why viewers think she is intelligent? From her dialogues (Lets look for keys and maps; We will walk out of here together) to her not being armed, not using the bolt as wappon (after finding the right key at first chance), to not going for BJR knees or nose (isnt she a nurse and got fight-training by the highlanders) or just take Murtagh with her, since - if Jamie is insured - she needs someone to carry him or to fight of any english soldier. Also why would she just walk away like she had the time of her life and not go back through the door, she left open, and go to Sir Flechter and tell him about the mistreatment? I am sorry, but that isnt bravery, but rather stupidity.

    Sorry for ranting under your post. I would love to hear your thoughts about this episode.

    1. Hi! I apologize for taking so long to reply...the Outlander group I admin just hit the 50,000 member mark and it has been a crazy month. Thank you for your interesting comment; lots of good points...and yes, I will reply with a new post this week. Too much to say for this wee space. :) Cheers and I look forward to more replies form you in the future!

    2. Hi again Jette 5459. I have to say...I tried to muster up the interest to watch the episode again so I could comment on it intelligently to you and others, but to be very honest...the interest isn't there. I simply dont care enough to write about it. I am not invested in the characters of the show as it isn't Outlander to me anymore. MY Outlander...the books of Diana Gabaldon, inspire SO much emotion in me that it is hard to express it all...the books are so beautifully written and the characters so easy to love and care for...but the show and its producer/writers etc...have made it into a story I neither recognize nor enjoy, so I will stop watching...as so many fans have advised those of us who cannot tolerate the Extreme Makeover. I will keep Starz to help keep the show on air for those fans who love it...but unless Tobias is on-screen, I wont be around. I'll be back reading the real thing...and following a truly great show Poldark on PBS. It is brilliant and I am hooked BIG time (see blog pieces here) and I am buying all 12 books of it too... Cheers!


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