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Thursday, January 21, 2016

A RESPONSE TO terrainmonkey ON HIS/HER BLOG 'KILTLANDER' (*I say his/her because the writer is another anonymous chickenshit hiding behind a fake name. Unless, of course, he/she really IS a monkey, then, I do apologize. In fact, that would explain a lot.)

After reading the post titled DEAR OBSESSED FAN- STOP IT ALREADY by terrainmonkey on his/her blog Kiltlander, the first thing that ran through my head was the Three Dog Night song ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’:

Walk away Denise…don’t respond…don’t go there…it’s a waste of time and energy. You may regret it! Those were the words being whispered to me under that song.

But like all good advice given to me in my life, I will ignore it. Doing so has given me decades of pleasure and the scars to prove it.

What I find fascinating in terrainmonkey's post is th... just wait, I can’t write that inane moniker throughout this response so let me dub him/her ‘Hizzer’ (short for His/Her as he/she hides behind a wall of anonymity). That's better.

Okay. So. What I find fascinating in Hizzer’s piece, is that the irony of telling people to STOP doing things because they have no right to tell others what to do is completely lost on him/her. He/She starts off condemning fans who cross over the line of decency and go 'nuts', which I agree with..crazyassfans who go overboard need to seek therapy...but very quickly the bar at which Hizzer labels crazyass is lowered to include normal fan stuff like gossip, shipping etc...and it is there he/she lost me.
He/She tells them to (and I must paraphrase here as going back to that blog to get verbatim quotes would take too much drugs and booze to shield me from the stupidity of it, but I think I got the gist of it pretty spot on): 
- ‘shut up about Cait’s looks! She is a supermodel with a shitload of money and you probably look like shit so fuck off’
- ‘stop casting stones at Sam cuz he, like, ya know, donates to sick kids and you never even gave to the Salvation Army did you, you cheap jerk
- ‘Hey Twitter Queen! Eat shit and die!
- 'YOU.DON’T. GET.TO.TELL.SAM.WHAT.TO DO.PERIOD.'   ̶O̶N̶L̶Y̶.̶I̶.̶G̶E̶T̶.̶T̶O̶.̶T̶E̶L̶L̶.̶E̶V̶E̶R̶Y̶O̶N̶E̶.̶W̶H̶A̶T̶ ̶T̶O̶.̶D̶O̶.̶A̶N̶D̶ ̶Y̶E̶L̶L̶.̶W̶H̶I̶L̶E̶.̶D̶O̶I̶N̶G̶.̶I̶T̶.̶ 
- All you stupid women out there, you Twitter Queens, STOP tweeting ‘good morning’ to Sam cuz he will NOT respond and you dumb twats are so obsessed with your imaginary boyfriend that you are looking for any crumb he drops and would die if he acknowledged you so just go away and get a life.
- and finally, ‘You Shippers out there are pathetic. Sam and Cait are NOT a couple and they won’t have Bree babies so just piss off. They are not a couple so JUST STOP IT!’  

Again, this is just paraphrasing...the way I recall it, so go ahead and check for yourself if you're skeptical. *I rarely link others' blogs as it gives them more attention, but in this case, who cares. Go for it. You may agree with him/her! Many do, apparently. *sigh* Maybe I read differently than others...it could be a syndrome.
I am certain I could say more about the article but I don’t remember much more offhand…my mind automatically protects me from such drivel by jettisoning it out of my mind asap after reading it, so I cannot even paraphrase anymore. It’s gone. Floating down the river of Self-Righteousness I suppose, buoyed by judgmental sexism and opinionated arrogance.
I say sexism and not chauvinism because, right or wrong, I relate chauvinism to male behavior, and well, ‘Hizzer’ leaves me in doubt, so sexism is a sexless umbrella and therefore the more appropriate term. Why the label at all? Well, I didn't see the word King anywhere in a derisive way…just Queen. Looks to me like Hizzer, who somewhere hints at being male (can’t recall where but without a real name and suspended twitter account that might have held clues, that could be a red herring) could be a misogynist in sheep’s clothing. But then again, can’t women be misogynists too? Girl on Girl Hatred? Hmmm…tis a possibility. Ah well. Whatever. I smell woman-hate and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. 

Or maybe it’s gay-bashing? Calling people ‘Queens’ in such an ugly manner smacks of homophobia…unless Hizzer is gay and as a gay individual who uses that kind of language, feels comfortable saying it that way. Again…whatever. Unclear. But it reads like disrespect for women and that part IS clear. To me. *I may be alone in this opinion but that is a cross I bear now and then. It is as it is.

Oh…and near the end of the rant I recall Hizzer saying something about Outlander fans who do not act within the parameters of his/her Rules and Regulations are like a bunch of Annie Wilkes-like creatures (you know, the super-fan psycho from the movie ‘Mercy’).  Wow. Throw in a Hallelujah! and we'd have a new preacher in our midst! ‘Lordy Lordy Lord…Let my celebrities go! Bring Hail, Lightning and your Mighty Wrath onto those who won’t leave Sam and Cait alone!’

Hizzer says he/she is an actor/actress (this could be true…I saw Planet of the Apes) and so this qualifies him/her to be their spokesman? I dunno. I am asking. Anyone?

Bottom line for me is this: fans are fans and like all human beings, they range from good to bad, lovely to ugly, and brilliant to dull as a dry turd. I’ll wager most celebs know that if they make it big, they may get fans who run this gambit of adjectives and along with reaping in the tons of love, they will occasionally feel the point of a rather large dunce cap. It is part of their chosen profession and therefore life, and they take it in stride. I find it all quite fascinating. And I watch it in all its beauty and ugliness and shall not condemn others for their nature, unless they go flippyapeshit and become a physical threat or public nuisance, then I would say so and judge the fuck outta them for sure. But that is apples (stalkers) when we are talking oranges (fans). A whole new enchilada. A cupcake with a different icing.

Suddenly I feel peckish. *grin*

And now, for some odd reason the words of King Arthur come to mind: ‘Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no arms left!’. And no legs to stand on.

*speaking of Monty Python, they give the best advise to those who are obsessed with those who are obsessed:


  1. https://thechurchofheughanology.wordpress.com/2015/02/14/the-mean-tweets/

    1. :) This made me smile. So, to be clear though, I have no problem with groups, bloggers and fans going head-over-heals for their celeb-crush...and not my business how silly or funny or even bizarre they get. If I don't like what I see I walk away. I don't condone anything nasty or illegal or intrusive...but fangirling at any age can be a hoot. Just ask me about my Sean Bean Smoked This Butt collection... *wink*

    2. Any way to make this link Link?

    3. Hmmm, I am not 100% sure Laurie. I will check though. I believe one must cut and paste links in comments though. If I can allow a link I will do so for you. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Noodles! Glad you enjoyed it. Spots and all. *smile*

  3. Ah, Denise, I so appreciate how you slyly eviscerate with wry sarcasm, intelligent wit and just the right amount of profanity so as to make a point. It has always been my opinion that any writer/speaker who uses continuous cussing to describe has a very limited command of language (and therefore is somewhat lacking in grey matter). Please don't stop making us laugh!

    1. Nancy, if you believe a well constructed sentence is a work of art, then you are quite a fine painter yourself. Many thanks for the compliments and for understanding that profanity is simply a tool for some writers, but a weapon for others. Cheers!

    2. Another reply - Indeed I do think the well written word is art. It is the main reason I love Diana's books. And thank YOU for your kind words to me.

    3. My pleasure Nancy. *If I might make a suggestion to you, I think you would get a kick out of my blog piece called 'A Giant Rusty Influence' Easiest way to access it is just to google the title. Roger Ebert Himself liked it and re-posted it on his FB page before he passed away, and I got a gazillion views and a lot of comments. Just thought you might enjoy it. Cheers!

    4. I will certainly read it. Thanks!

    5. A very interesting and introspective post it was(and is), Denise. I only recently discovered your blog and I do not plan to miss any future posts. BTW, what a great honor to have been recognized by Roger Ebert - loved him! I would've printed out that bad boy and had it framed!

    6. Thanks Nancy. I believe I did print it out....and it is in my mound of printouts somewhere, us having moved a few times since then! Never thought to frame it. *sigh* It was quite a thrill and the first time a celeb gave me a boost with recognition. Diana has re-posted 2 (or 3?) of my blogs too. Massive responses. Celebs have such power to move people, it must be scary or at least very odd for them, at first, to realize it. In any case, thanks for your support and do have a great night! :)

    7. OMG. Nancy. I found it. I just googled Roger's FB page and wrote my blog title in an there it was! Sept of 2011!! LOL! Here is a link if you like (https://www.facebook.com/RogerEbert/posts/274994982524342) but bloody hell, I a SO printing and framing it!:) Thanks for the idea that lit my curiosity...

    8. Nancy is right about cuss-laden posts tend to dumb-down the message. However, I must agree with the message --- there are several crazy, narcissistic, control freak fans out there. Me thinks Herself is not pleased.

    9. Hi Mary. I am afraid you and I see different messages. Had Hizzer stayed on message condemning the narcissistic control freaks out there who call themselves Outlander fans, I would agree with him/her. But he/she goes further than that. He/She condemns those fans who are just having fun and are passionate....or opinionated and not abusive in any way to the celebs. He/She condemns all 'fan girls'. Sorry, but fandoms, who don't go over the line of crazy, are not deserving of getting slapped in the face like that. My opinion...but I respect that you think otherwise.

  4. I did go to the link you provided and read it. Again I say "what a thrilling honor!" By all means, have it framed - custom framed, I think! I have also been catching up on your other posts, a little at a time. You are a true wordsmith, and funny as hell. Re: Franklander - I must confess I am firmly enamored over Jamie/Sam. Frank/Tobias is OK but I like 'em with a little more scruff. Now this is strictly on physical appearance. As far as their personas in both the books and TV show I pretty much agree with you. Don't know that I would condemn Jamie for his momentary lapse with Leghair by the river, however. In my experience, testosterone will out. Men (ALL men) think with that southern brain, you know. Moving on, I loved reading your vacation diary. So sorry you had that bitch of a wicked cough. I had a similar cough last summer that lasted weeks, to the extent that I coughed hard enough at some point each day to throw up! Expelling bodily fluids out the other end sounds equally disgusting, if not as immediately noticeable. Thank god we are both presently free of such scourge. At least I know I am, and I hope you are, also. I so agree with your feeling about Phantom of the Opera. My DH and I saw it on Broadway some years ago and it is my second favorite show. (The first being "Wicked" but I may or may not be a teensy bit prejudiced about this since my nephew was in the original Broadway cast. Still, it was an absolutely fantastic show and if you have a chance to see it, you should.) Back to POTO, I can still remember the way the hair on the back of my neck stood up as I listened to Hugh Panara (sp?)sing. He played the Phantom. I will keep reading and laughing at your posts. Hope you are all safe and well in Canada. I am in the US (Ohio) and thus 3 hours behind you. If you respond to one of my comments, like you do with all of us, I may not see it until the next day. Toodles!

    1. Nancy! Again, thank you kindly for the compliments and great comment. I am very pleased you red more of my blog...there is something for everyone. LOL! Frank is not everyone's cup of tea. I get that. But I see things in him now through the show that I never saw in the books...rightly or ever so wrongly, my views on him have been altered and I am smitten. *smile* I am glad to find another live musical fan...there is nothing like it. I have not seen Wicked ...yet. I would love to. Maybe someday as it IS on my Bucket List. *fingers crossed* Sending fond wishes to the Good Ole US of A (one of my besties is from Akron, so I think I really like Ohio!)and remain hopeful that we all stay safe and well. Ta!

  5. I looked up Hugh. His name is spelled Panaro. I really HATE when I spell a word incorrectly.

    1. I do too...but rely on spell-check far too much! :(

  6. He is not condemning "fans who are just having fun", he is speaking to the people who are out of control with shipping and saying gross stuff on SM. It's more than clear in his post. He WAS "on message"; seems you just didn't GET the message.

    1. nightshademary You might want to re-read his/her blog again. He/She begins by condemning those crazy fans who 'say gross stuff' but then lumps in harmless shipping, fan-girling and 'opinion expressing' that all fans do. Had he/she stayed with spanking the real idiotic fans out there who stalk celebs and are abusive, then I would have high-fived him/her and easily agreed, but that is NOT the case, so it seems like YOU did not GET the real message of Hizzer's rant, and perhaps this is because you think, like Hizzer, that everyone should act exactly like YOU do and cannot tolerate and harshly judge others. smh

  7. I read the blog you referred to. While I didnt agree with it entirely I didn't recall it being as ugly and harsh. So I reread it. Your "paraphrasing" was WAY off. Never was the word twat used and nobody was called stupid. Never was any one person directly,individually or personally attacked, unlike what happened here. It's not that hard to cut and paste for an accurate representation, though that would not be as entertaining. This represented not a direct response but a response to how YOU read it / interpreted it. It is YOU that used the degregading words and language and then directly degraded the blogger. As Shakespere said in Hamlet "The lady doth protest too much, methinks". You don't allow personal attacks on the Outlander page, yet you so clearly did that here. And then posted a link there. A rather disappointing double standard.

    1. Jennorex Might I suggest you invest in a dictionary. Had I wanted to 'quote' Hizzer, I would have cut and pasted his/her words. Paraphrasing means...and let me help you here so you truly understand: 1) to express the meaning of (the writer or speaker or something written or spoken) using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity. 2) a rewording of something written or spoken by someone else.

      So you see, I was re-wording the gist of what I read. That is what one does when paraphrasing to add clarity for people like you who obviously cannot read. Hizzer does not berate and condemn just 'crazy' fans, he/she lumps 'normal' ones in too...ones who are just curious, and fan-girling and having fun. If you get someone to help you read his/her article again, you may finally realize it yourself. As far as personal attacks go, you are right, they are NOT allowed on my Outlander page. That is the rule and it is a good one as we have fun there and nobody can be rude. But sweetheart, this ain't my Outlander page. Thank you for your comment but please, think before you write next time.

    2. PS: JUST so some numbnutz doesn't accuse me of stealing from Websters and pretending they're my own words, this part of my reply is a cut and paste quote from the dictionary: "1) to express the meaning of (the writer or speaker or something written or spoken) using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity. 2) a rewording of something written or spoken by someone else." Whew! That was close...I can just see some hater typing away, trying to paint me as a plagiarist...LOL!

  8. Well all this is fun and good but ive read his posts for a while now and that's just his point of view and sense of humor, also if there is some reason you harp on things people say and do then why do you have a blog? Why not shout it from the rooftops? You are one of a thousand voices hidden behind a metal and plastic screen wanting your voice to be heard even though no sound is emitted. People don't understand that the internet is not a place for long winded hate speeches and people bullying others. It's a place where people can share ideas or ideals about things that interest them. So if you are offended by the person's post then don't read it. it's as simple as that.

    1. Unknown First of all, let me say that I have seen the grave of your cousin (?) The Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey and have read many poems written by your family. You must be so proud.

      Having said that, I never usually reply to those who intentionally hide behind anonymity, but in this case, your missive wasn’t terribly insulting, just hypocritical, so I published it so I could respond.

      I find it interesting that you give Hizzer’s blog a pass as being ‘just his point of view and his humour’ but do not afford me the same courtesy. Did you ever think that maybe this is just MY point of view and MY sense of humour? Obviously not. How fair and unbiased of you.

      Since you read Hizzer’s article, you know he/she asked for responses and even said he/she knew many would be angry but he/she could take it on and even welcomed it! I took him/her for his/her word. As a fellow blogger, I am certain he/she has thick skin and couldn’t care less about my opinion, really. Bloggers never do , that is why we blog. That is our way of ‘shouting from the rooftops’. Nobody listens? Ah well. We got it off our chest. Many listen? Great…fun to be heard. It goes both ways and we sway with the tide. The Bloggers Life.

      As far as the internet not being the place for bullying and hate speeches, I agree 100%. Mine was neither though, so I am not sure why you included those, but perhaps it’s because you don’t know the meaning of those words and are just spewing them out like a parrot? Let me enlighten you then: 1) A bully is someone who picks on the vulnerable and weak to gain dominance, or someone of superior strength who intimidates others to get their way. 2) Hate Speech is that which “attacks, threatens, or insults a person because of their ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.” Now, I doubt that I am any more powerful or stronger than Hizzer (I am a 5’4”, round, grey haired a granny with a bad shoulder and bum knees) and certainly do not intimidate him/her (or anyone for that matter, I am sure) as I do not know him/her and my piece is simply my opinion, not a way to get something from him/her…like his/her lunch money or new sneakers. And I clearly did not insult his/her religion, color, gender etc…as I don’t know them and wouldn’t even if I did because I don’t swing that way. Not my style. I am very accepting…save for complete fools, which I admit to shunning and ridiculing. My labeling Hizzer as his/her is simply a matter of being unclear…not me being offensive. Hizzer writes with passion and aggression and so do I, so I believe we are equals there as well. So there ya go. A free English class. No…don’t thank me. It was my pleasure.

      Opinion pieces and rebuttals to blogs etc…are supposed to be entertaining. Kissy huggy blah blah blah is not what I write and if I ever do spread such insipid drivel, I hope my hands shrivel into chicken claws and fall off. And since I plan to keep writing in my own way, despite your telling me how and what to write, might I suggest that you TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE and simply not read it if it offends you.

      Oh, and please pass on my fondest regards to your cousin (?) Unknown Artist who painted the beautiful Anne Boleyn portrait at the NPG in London. It was breathtaking.

  9. For what it's worth, no one is asking you to be boring in your blogs. However, it is possible to be entertaining without personally attacking another individual. As with the gentleman who wrote the other blog, I believe you're entitled to your opinion. However, there is no place for calling a specific individual names or calling his gender or masculinity into question (and let's be honest, you did both - "chickenshit" and "Hizzer" are just two examples). It comes across as churlish and crass, which only reflects negatively on you and on the fandom you are trying to represent. Words can be a powerful tool. You have referred to yourself on numerous occasions as a writer. As such, I implore you to find respectful ways to disagree with others and to use words designed to elicit something good, such as drawing positive attention/remarks to the Outlander fandom. Should you do so, I believe you'll find that your readers will respect and admire you for it. Thank you.

  10. Caslanbert I thank you for your polite response. I do not agree with anything you say, save that ‘words are powerful’, and you obviously do not agree with anything I have to say, but this is a perfect example of how people can disagree in a conversation without resorting to insult and rudeness.

    Before you jump all over that, let me point out that I said ‘in a conversation’. Hizzer and I have never had a conversation and my opinion post in reply to his/her Outlander Fan Bashing Post cannot be construed as such. Therefore, let me add that when one blogs, and asks for heated responses as they may fall, one usually gets exactly that. Hizzer asked those who were angry or disagreed with him/her to respond, and I did. You may see my writing as crass and churlish (love that word btw…so…ummm…British!) as is your pleasure, but many find it honest, unfettered and even amusing. Some have gone as far as to say it was highly entertaining and…gasp!...clever!

    I don’t believe a word of that of course, but it is nice to hear nonetheless and much more fun than your school marm berating. I mean really: ‘be more respectful!’; ‘use words designed to elicit something good!’; be positive!’; ‘listen to me and others will respect and admire you!’. Seriously, I would seek out an exorcist because I truly believe my great-grandmother’s Grade 5 teacher has possessed your body. Should you find out that this is NOT the case, then I can only say one thing, my dear: I don’t care.

    I seek not the respect nor the admiration of those who have naught for a sense of humor, and the inability to take a little crass with my sass. Calling people ‘chickenshit’ and ‘Hizzer’ is but a spotlight on blatant cowardice and a stark reminder that should someone deign to beat up an entire fandom (or indeed write anything aggressive) they should at least have the balls to use their real name…or THEY will not gain anyone’s respect and admiration save that of Fools...and they will lose all credibility. Something you don’t seem to concern yourself about with Hizzer, who attacks and insults an entire fandom…with your tacit approval. But that is your own business.

    Again, I thank you for your civil comment…well, civil if one ignores the kick to the shins you slip in with your not so subtle ‘you have referred to yourself as a writer’ jibe. I will suffer that devastating injury by saying that yes I DO refer to myself as a writer, as one can who makes money from ones writing, but I have never claimed to be a good one. Others have been kind enough to say so…and I even have a couple of tiny 'claim to fame' braggers as Diana Gabaldon Herself has re-posted my blog pieces on her page and wrote that a poem I once penned in iambic tetrameter on my blog was “Well done!”… and Roger Ebert once re-posted my blog piece called ‘A Giant Rusty Influence’ on his page as well...but I am sure I bribed all the rest at one point or another. Who can keep track of such things!

    Which reminds me…should you change your mind and want to say nice things about my writing, just call 1-800-LIE-FOR-CASH and leave your account number and a brief message. Thank you.

  11. My apologies. My comment about your calling yourself a writer truly wasn't meant as a jibe. Perhaps our understanding of what makes someone a writer is different. I don't know you personally, so I have no way of knowing whether or not you are paid for your work. Anyone can start and write a blog. If we refer to everyone who puts something on the Internet as a writer, even those who just occasionally post on Facebook are writers.

    In addition, in expressing his opinion, the writer of the other blog referred to types of fans that bother him; he did not attack one individual. In disagreeing with him, you challenged his masculinity and his gender. Moreover, in your reply to my comment, you again resorted to name calling by referring to me as a "school marm" followed by suggesting I see an exorcist. A writer loses credibility if he or she cannot discuss a topic or disagree with another without resorting to such measures.

    I'm curious. How do you want to be viewed as a writer? I think most people will agree that anyone can hurl insults. It takes a true artist to take a stance supported by facts and intelligent thought.

    Finally, in your first paragraph, you thanked me for disagreeing with you without resorting to insult or rudeness. I wish I could thank you for the same.

    1. Caslanbert
      1) My thanking you for your respectful reply was said tongue in cheek as I thought the opposite, and made that clear at the end of my reply and in fact throughout it…but it was obviously lost on you. But that’s okay. Many do not get the subtleties in my humor. It is not always as ham-fisted as I like to offer it.

      2) I never called you names. I said you acted like a school marm, not that you were one…and I believe recommending exorcism is a kindness, not an insult. It is rather subjective I suppose.

      3) Hizzer picked on a fandom. I picked on him/her for doing so. It is called Life. It doesn’t always go tit for tat. When one draws First Blood, one cannot choose or dictate how others will fight back. Neither can you.

      4) Not ‘anyone’ can hurl insults. When done properly, it is as Fine an Art as any and I would offer that it takes a TRUE artist with intelligence and a bevy of facts at their disposal to hurl them with accuracy and in an entertaining manner.

      5) I do not waste time thinking about how I want to be viewed as a writer. I truly do not care. I have no lofty ambitions and simply write for pleasure and am lucky enough make a few pennies here and there from my musings that pay for a nice Waldorf salad now and then.

      6) I think we have thoroughly covered what you dislike about my blog piece and my responses. Rehashing it again and again has been terribly exciting but seriously, I think you should just get over it.

      Do take care.


    I am unable to post your comment here that addresses the Outlander group on FB that I am admin to, as it is heavily redacted and in picture form now...but let me post for you, the parts that I can still read: "...HOW MANY HUNDREDS OF FANS YOU HAVE BANNED FROM THE PAGE...SINCE YOU BLOCKED ME WITHOUT CAUSE OR WARNING. KARMA'S A BITCH LADY."

    Dear Unknown,
    Let me assure you with the following information that nobody is ever banned/blocked from my FB group for no reason. There is always a reason… but yes, there is often no notice or warning. Let me tell you why as you obviously did not read the rules when a member, and anyone who is as confused as you did not read them either. Let me clear a few things up.

    On Outalnder Series we have a lot of Rules. They are very clear and simple and are found atop the page in a Blue Box so it is easy to locate. In these Rules, which I enforce but did not create, members can be banned INSTANTLY WITHOUT WARNING for only 4 specific things:

    1) Posting nude pictures.
    2) Name calling.
    3) Dissing the admin or group as a whole.
    4) Flouncing.

    There are a lot of rules because a large group of over 56,000 needs them or there would be chaos. Minor offenders can be removed (NOT banned) without notice if it is urgent and the post must be deleted quickly, but anyone can PM (private message) me we can chat and maybe fix things so you can rejoin quickly. Sometimes removals happen to get someone’s attention who is not responding to PM and is still offending. Some people think they didn’t get Notice but don’t know where their PM or Inboxes are and misunderstandings can occur. Most people who PM are respectful and I answer in kind and all is good, but some PM rudeness and insults and I tend to respond in kind too (sorry, but I am only human and a natural snark! LOL!) and then they are blocked.

    *Major offenders are blocked from the get-go and cannot contact me at all. Ever.*

    I PM members all day long and notify members about removals etc…and most are fine with that. They understand that 1 person moderating so many people can be rather busy…and if mistakes happen, I am happy to correct it asap. Am I strict? Yes. Unyielding? I hope not. Believe me though when I say it takes a thick skin and solid spine to run a page this big (without pay) and so far my brand of strictness has been seen as fair...and a large steady growth of members (from 30,000 to 56,500plus since I have been at the helm)is proof in the pudding. *The page owner would toss me if he thought I was not doing a proper job as well....

    As far as you comment goes, Unknown, I assume it was rather foul and nasty (I don’t know as my screener redacted most of it) which says a lot about you, and how hiding behind your computer makes you feel safe and brave. But you aren’t. You are not safe from yourself and you cannot be brave if you have no courage.

    I feel sorry for you. Truly. And that is why I am not making this a smart-ass reply…or completely ignoring it. People who lash out like you do are unhappy and hurting and I sincerely hope you get help or at least talk to someone who is caring. How awful to need to belong on a facebook page SO badly that it ripped your heart out and tore it to shreds to be banned from it! To have no love or acceptance in REAL life that a stranger can ruin your world with the click of a delete key.

    Such hatred will eat you alive but it leaves me unscathed as it cannot touch me. I don't know you. You are only hurting yourself.

    I really do wish you all the best and good mental health.

  13. *Hey sorry everyone for the multiple deleted postings today...my site has been acting up and I was losing replies. grrr! All fixed now I think! Cheers!


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