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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Whether you are a green behind the ears newbie in the ranks of the amazing fandom that is Outlander, or a Weathered & Salty Old-Timer who can recite every romantic word Jamie has ever uttered...verbatim, you'll love this collection of links! They are my favorite GO-TO places for Everything Outlander: click on the numbered headings...they are the links. 

And...come join us on Outlander Series (OS), the biggest and best Outlander FaceBook fan group on the net! *click here 


All the latest poop straight from the horse's mouth. Updated news and loads of places to click onto for interesting facts like: Diana's personal story; her list of appearances to come; her Blog; Fan Art; Outlander Based Tours in Scotland etc... and of course, the books and show info. #1 place for the Obsessed or nearly-obsessed to visit. Bring a snack...you'll be here a while.


OMG. The only thing this site doesn't have is popcorn. Seriously...there is so much info here it's scary.  For 2 quick examples, under the heading PEOPLE, it has a sub-category titled GROUPINGS that has the book characters grouped in things like 'green eyes', missing body parts, homosexual, red hair, religious figures, Time Travelers... etc... Under the heading ARTS&MUSIC there is a sub-heading titled PAINTINGS, it lists and explains every single picture your read about in the books. I was gobsmacked when I discovered this site and my gob rarely smacks! Bloody awesome!

Tons to read and it even has a synopsis for every book. Must see. Bring a snack and bottle of wine. And a tent. You aren't going anywhere else.

These ladies have fun talking about Outlander and its fun to hear others views and reviews in an audio form. Not fond of the ads at first but they are a necessary evil so just plug your ears if you want *smirk*. I like the two ladies who host the show, Summer and Ginger and despite that sounding like a stripper act, these gals are relaxed and informative and obviously are having fun. It feels like your sitting back in a comfy couch in a book club living room and listening to your buddies go on and on...but in a good way.

Wear your sweat pants and have cheese, crackers and something liquidy on the ready.

Obviously, this is the home of the Outlander tv show, but it is a great place for many things like cast info and episode info...but I go there for the photos. Professional stills...lovem'!


These are the peanuts of Outlander Fandom...hard to stop at only one, and I suggest you only attempt to make a dent in them if you are off work and alone at home, because the world will cease to exist when you start checking them out. Some damn fine videography here and there that is a pleasure to watch. And some are not so professional, but still fun to watch.

Bring coffee and Bailey's... yummy time.

Again, these are just my personal favorites and you can certainly find a LOT more...but I wanted to share nonetheless. AND, I would have to make a #6 to complete the list actually...this blog...it has a lot of fun and controversial Outlander pieces, 3 of which have been re-posted by Diana on her site...and my popular Outlanderized Cartoons, and Outlander memes..take a look around. Write Outlander in the search bar or look at the word cloud. *smile*


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