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Friday, September 23, 2011

A GIANT, RUSTY INFLUENCE (re-posted by ROGER EBERT on his FB page: see bottom of post!)


[ih-pif-uh-nee] A sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

I’ve just had an epiphany. A retro-revelation, as it were. Something I think might be happening more often as my 51st year reaches for the baton from my 50th year and I seriously start to reflect upon what invisible hands, besides the obvious ones, shaped the lump of me that became me.

If I were to get one of those wanna-get-to-know-you-better questionnaires that say ‘TELL ME 5  FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF’, I would reply like this:

1)      I am a huge Harry Potter fan, largely in part because of the Camelot-ish atmosphere and castles. (Hagrid is a clear favorite character of mine, and second only to Snape, who I would have sex with on my mothers dining room table during Thanksgiving supper if he asked.)
2)      I collect roosters (but call them the more giggle-inducing ‘chickens’
3)      I love miniatures. Especially furniture.
4)      I enjoy classical music and medieval type folk songs (e.g. Loreena McKennitt)
5)      I am a romantic and was a far-too-clingy girlfriend in my day…but I was usually the ‘dumper’ and rarely the ‘dumpee’.

This random list has always been simply ‘me’, unexplored, constant and just the way I roll. But fast forward to 10 minutes ago when, suffering another 3:00 a.m. bout of Sleepless in Seattle, I spontaneously decided to go on YouTube and seek out an old clip of Mr. Dress Up and drift back into my childhood and hopefully remember how it felt as a kid to go to bed and actually sleep.

But instead of clicking on Mr. D, I noticed a clip of an old children’s show that I grew up with…a show I hadn’t thought of in over 40 years but had watched vigilantly and daily in my formative years in the 60's: The Friendly Giant. I loved that show and its theme song was the first music I remember…and the first song I learned the lyrics to. For those of you who don’t know the show, here is a quick preview of how many of us Canadian Baby Boomers spent our extremely limited and tightly controlled TV watching hours: *watch closely, there will be a pseudo-quiz afterwards…

 Did you notice the following?
1)      A castle. Medieval, complete with moat and drawbridge.
2)      A giant who is gentle and loves animals.
3)      A rooster named ‘Rusty’.
4)      A miniature cozy living room with a miniature fireplace, furniture, etc…
5)      The opening and closing theme music is classical/folk mix with a decidedly haunting melody.
6)      Said theme song is oft times called ‘Early One Morning’ but is actually called "The Forsaken Lover". The lyrics begin…

“Early one morning,
Just as the sun was rising,
I heard a young maid sing,
In the valley below.

Oh, don't deceive me,
Oh, never leave me,
How could you use
A poor maiden so?”

I admit that this is as far as I ever sang it, but I knew the words verbatim at age 4 regardless of what the hell they meant.

Are we seeing a pattern here? I sure did. The second I heard that tune playing and saw the castle drawbridge open, it was like my entire world made more sense. So THAT is where I formed this love of such odd things! It brought me to tears. Not the ear-shattering, heart-rending cry and complete agony one felt when Donny Osmond got married, but the light eye dampening of yesteryear reminiscences. A wistful whimper.

And WOW!, the 'love'm and leave'm before they leave you' routine I subconsciously followed during my dating years seems like it was taken from the chorus of 'The Forsaken Lover'. What would Freud say about all this I wonder?

As I shook my head and smiled inwardly, I wiped my eyes and wondered, in enlightened awe, at the serious influence a children’s show can employ. Then two powerful ideas broke through my mist of nostalgia:

1)      Thank God we only had 2 channels and the only other show I watched faithfully was The Bugs Bunny Show! **which explains my fondness for black and white, Sylvester-like cats (see our Jasmine below):


; my partiality to bald men like Elmer Fudd (you’d have to meet my hubby to see what I mean) and my continued rooster fascination, personified in the infamous Foghorn Leghorn! PLUS, my first taste of opera, which changed my life forever, was slipped into my psyche with the following Bugs Bunny episode:

 How was I to know my heart had just been prepped for my future happiness?

2)      My kids and their buddies grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dragonball Z, Transformer: Beast Wars and Pokemon. All aggressive, violent (in a GOOD vs EVIL kinda way) competitive, winner-takes-all kids shows that all had tiny slivers of high morality embedded here and there between blood-spitting, head-exploding, save-the-world fights.

Conclusion? I think we’re all in grave danger. The upcoming generation is a highly desensitized army of warped war-mongers who have no problem with talking turtles, misogynistic, sexless aliens that  give birth by barfing up their eggs and androids that can shoot fireballs from their hands to chop up bodies or explode planets. And they are locked and loaded, ready to rumble. 

I should know; apparently I helped warp them.

*INTERESTING NOTE: The novel I recently wrote is called Parca’s Forsaken (click for link). Remember the name of The Friendly Giant's theme song? ‘The Forsaken Lover’. How’s that for an eerie coincidence. Oh my…a Sign?