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Monday, August 29, 2016


1) David was hired by accident!

                                            Dave Barry

                                                                    David Berry

Ron Moore and Starz looked for years before deciding upon their Lord John Grey, only to be sidelined by an email glitch!

Wanting a virile and sexy man who oozed class…a man who fairly BURST with charm, dignity and grace while maintaining a stiff British upper-lip and all that rubbish, they chose writer/humorist and amateur thespian Dave Barry for this new Outlander role, but a simple mistake by an office temp sent the role audition invitation to actor David Berry instead, and being the compassionate entities they are, Ron and Starz decided to not send him home and quickly sent Dave Barry a bouquet of white roses and a box of Skittles. And a signed photo of Caitriona Balfe.
*I am a massive Dave Barry fan btw, there is NOBODY funnier...but I think he should stick to writing. Sorry Dave.

2) He's CANADIAN! 

As a fellow Canuck, I was mighty pleased to read that David was born in Toronto, Canada. And since my elderly Aunt Helen lives in Toronto as well, I called her to ask why David left at age 7, and moved to Australia: 

“Damn Aussies! Almost as bad as them ‘Merkins (Americans) stealing all our talent! They say David’s parents are from Sydney…but that’s really Sydney BC…on Vancouver Island. Some people'll do anything ta getaway from the snow…pass me my pipe.”

So, there you have it. David Berry was made an Expat whilst underage and unable to choose for himself where to live. Canada awaits your return Davey Boy…come home, eh? 
*if you don't know what this is David...don't worry, we'll teach you...

3) Sam Heughan made David have facial surgery.

Once Dave Barry was sent home and David Berry was officially the number one choice for LJG, it was time to get Sam Heughan's approval. As a straight character playing the love interest of a gay character, Sam demanded the final approval of his ‘partner in unrequited Rainbow Love’. He had approved of Tobias Menzies' very kissable lips, so LJG had to at least meet that high standard of Pout Perfection. 

As it happened, Sam liked David very much, they hit it off straight away and as long as David got the mole on his face removed, Sam was set to give an eager 2 thumbs up! Not wanting a Battle of The Moles (some women go MAD over them! Add a mole and a kilt to a lamppost and it'll be smothered in 50 Shades of Lipstick within 3 minutes flat), Sam wanted David’s removed asap. 

And it was. 

If you look closely you can see the scar (which, btw, is damn sexy in itself! Don’t tell Sam…) Sam asked him to pluck his eyebrows as well but not one to kowtow, David only plucked one side. Sam was acquiescent, appreciating the compromise.

                The Only Chick Magnet Mole Allowed On Set

4) Fake swords made with marzipan were used in filming.
David is highly allergic to all metals and the sword of an English soldier is practically another appendage, so brilliant thinking by Outlander Prop Meister Jon Gary Steele saw 4 dozen Marzipan Prop Swords created, which not only solved the allergy problem, but proved to be a welcome snack after a long days shoot. They had to make marzipan buckles, guns and buttons for him too.

According to Jon Gary Steele (David calls him Jon Gary Marzipan...just to be safe), 'Edible Weaponry' has been around for centuries, citing the following examples of its history:

                                       Ancient Japan

                                  Kinda-Ancient Indonesia

                                    Modern Pop Culture
                                   Kanye West Jewelry

                        Present Day Kiddie Kandie Toys

 5) Being an Olympic Level Kangaroo Rider helped earn him the part.

As Proud as I am that David was born Canadian, he was indeed raised in Australia and being the grandmother of Australian grandchildren myself, I have no trouble sharing him with the Aussies. In fact, it was his proficiency in Kangaroo Jumping (or Roo Riding as we say in Canada) that led him to win Gold in the Rio 16 Olympics (you saw the coverage, right? SO exciting!) and that worldwide, international spotlight brought him into the homes and minds of many a movie/Scottish-Time-Travel-TV-show producer.
                        David at the pre-Olympic Trials

After the Dave Barry fiasco, it was David's ability to anything ride well (as British soldiers are wont to do) that tipped the scale to his being hired (who knew Dave Barry has a debilitating fear of saddles? *the reason he didn't get the part, so he says...*smirk*)

Lucky for us. Lucky for Sam. Lucky horse.
* btw, this blog piece is my way in welcoming David to the Outlander Family. Some or all of it may be a little...um...fictitious. Except for the Roo Riding. That is so Canadian.