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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

OUTLANDER: PROJECT BLACK JACK RANDALL VOODOO DOLL (when you have an hour and a villain to kill)


I don't sew.

I don't create things with cloth. Ever.

Nevertheless, I have the strong urge to make a voodoo doll. Probably because I chanced upon this craft doll and it just came to me that this would be the proper thing to do to such a filthy bastard.

If you like, join me in my BJR Voodoo Doll creation project (because, apparently, I have nothing better to do like see my family or write or even moderate the Outlander Series FaceBook Group *the biggest and BEST Outlander forum on FB EVER with over 50,000 members (update July 15 2016: 59,000! *UPDATE January 14 2017: 70,000!)...just sayin').

I will post as I go along...and regardless of who follows, I will be rewarded with a way to vent. It will more than likely turn out pretty shitty, but what the hell...beats doing dishes.

Wish me luck.

The basics:

Plunge right in! Marking the doll (wish I could get Tobias's evil smirk down pat):

My Grade 10 art classes (circa 62 AD) serve me well...light colors first:

The ink is staining my hands blood red...how appropriate:

Time to put some pants on the perv:

Fully clothed and NO, it is NOT atomically correct! (who could find a piece of cloth and stuffing that big? *knowing smile* There's a reason Tobias isn't shy about going Full Monty...)

I don't know if the back is correct...too lazy to research it. It'll have to do:

The hat will be the hardest. Small town blues: no yellow felt, no glue that holds well and I am running out of Cape Ruby. Must resort to staples and invention...

Done!! I am not bothering with the sword...for now. I may add it later. That took me 4 hours WHILE working and being constantly interrupted AND taking pictures and posting it on our group page. So...maybe a 1 hour project in real time?

                            Now, where ARE my pins?

TAKE THAT YA BASTARD! Yes...the crotch pin was first in.*Ishityounot...that felt good*

I will leave BJR in perpetual torment next to some of my first editions collection where I can see him clearly and feel like I have helped Jamie in some small way. Life is balanced once more.

*now to make one of my ex...