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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

OUTLANDER: PROJECT BLACK JACK RANDALL VOODOO DOLL (when you have an hour and a villain to kill)


I don't sew.

I don't create things with cloth. Ever.

Nevertheless, I have the strong urge to make a voodoo doll. Probably because I chanced upon this craft doll and it just came to me that this would be the proper thing to do to such a filthy bastard.

If you like, join me in my BJR Voodoo Doll creation project (because, apparently, I have nothing better to do like see my family or write or even moderate the Outlander Series FaceBook Group *the biggest and BEST Outlander forum on FB EVER with over 50,000 members (update July 15 2016: 59,000! *UPDATE January 14 2017: 70,000!)...just sayin').

I will post as I go along...and regardless of who follows, I will be rewarded with a way to vent. It will more than likely turn out pretty shitty, but what the hell...beats doing dishes.

Wish me luck.

The basics:

Plunge right in! Marking the doll (wish I could get Tobias's evil smirk down pat):

My Grade 10 art classes (circa 62 AD) serve me well...light colors first:

The ink is staining my hands blood red...how appropriate:

Time to put some pants on the perv:

Fully clothed and NO, it is NOT atomically correct! (who could find a piece of cloth and stuffing that big? *knowing smile* There's a reason Tobias isn't shy about going Full Monty...)

I don't know if the back is correct...too lazy to research it. It'll have to do:

The hat will be the hardest. Small town blues: no yellow felt, no glue that holds well and I am running out of Cape Ruby. Must resort to staples and invention...

Done!! I am not bothering with the sword...for now. I may add it later. That took me 4 hours WHILE working and being constantly interrupted AND taking pictures and posting it on our group page. So...maybe a 1 hour project in real time?

                            Now, where ARE my pins?

TAKE THAT YA BASTARD! Yes...the crotch pin was first in.*Ishityounot...that felt good*

I will leave BJR in perpetual torment next to some of my first editions collection where I can see him clearly and feel like I have helped Jamie in some small way. Life is balanced once more.

*now to make one of my ex...


  1. It is a beautiful doll Denise, voodooor no!

  2. I loved that. I want to stick pins too. Good job Denise.

    1. Cheers thewife! Glad you can appreciate how I feel... *stabs a buttcheek*

    2. Hopefully you've stuck him in the throat - a payback for the little "v" Jamie has!

    3. Claire Kennedy
      Indeed I did. I think it's safe to say there isn't a place on the doll that hasn't been jabbed at least once. Some places (use your imagination!) a LOT more than once. *smile*

  3. Absolutely astonishing Denise. I hadn't seen this. It felt good and I didn't even get to stick in one pin. Have you filled him up with some more? He so deserves them. The sadist.

    1. brenny bree

      Thank you...glad you enjoyed his construction! And HELL YEA he's been the pincushion of the century at my house! LOL!


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