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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

THINGS THAT MAKE ME GO WTF?: The Unbearable Oddness of Being Part 4 (The Sam Heughan Beer Ads)

Sam Heughan riding a unicorn. WFT?

Sam Heughan playing poker with monkeys. WTF?

Sam Heughan dreaming of a headless plucked chicken with shoes playing hopscotch. WWWWWTTTTFFFF???

And Sam wears a cheesy handlebar moustache the whole time?

No...I have not been ingesting hallucinogens. (well, not knowingly. this year.) So, you see...it goes something like this:

1) Tennent's Lager, Can Monkeys


2) Tennent's Lager, Tents


 3) Tennent's Lager, Hugh's Pride


4) Tennent's Lager, Export


5) Tennent's Lager, Too Loud 


6) Tennent's Lager, The New Firm


7) Tennent's Lager, A Madman's Dream 


So...am I right? El Goofazoid? Exactly. Gotta love it.
(and if you have seen these before and NEVER TOLD ME...well, you just wait...)
*shakes fist in air menacingly*

Thursday, March 2, 2017

OUTLANDER: Finally! A FRANK RANDALL FACEBOOK PAGE! *promotional contest underway now...come 'LIKE' the page to enter!

Frank Randall has been FacePaged.

And I did it.

Myriad pages and groups are dedicated to Jamie Fraser and may the Good Lord lovem'...he's a sweetie, but where is the Frank love? The most complex and mysterious of all Outlander characters, Frank is, I believe, the unsung hero, the tragic hero in this epic story that we all love and hold dear. And I adore him, especially after Tobias Menzies made him come to life in the most stunningly poignant way on Starz: I was hooked after that. 

Read my Frank blogs (there are quite a few on this site and a few links below) to get all the poop on my man Frankie...but for now, here is the new Face Book Frank Randall page:

And if you click the 'LIKE' button on that page, you are entered to win a lovely pendant necklace by NinaCancerSurvivor on Etsy: link

*contest from March 01 to March 04 2017 ONLY

PLEASE JOIN ME IN KEEPING FRANK UP-FRONT AND ADMIRED...WHERE HE BELONGS! *or just come by the FB page once in a wee while to see what's new *smile*

A few Frank Friendly blogs here: