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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

OUTLANDER: The Boobgate Scandal Examined

The Spanking Scene was one thing.
Boobgate is quite another.

We were prepared, in print, for the former scene, where Jamie Fraser punished his wife Claire for her dangerous disobedience by whipping her bare bottom with a belt. There are two opinions that have deeply divided the fan base into #TeamSpankingIsAbuseAndJamieIsABrute and #TeamThat’sTheWayTheyDidShitThenSoCalmTheFuckDown. Social media is abuzz with the debate. Personally, I am on Team #TTWTDSTSCTFD and thought Starz handled the scene well. *Yes, I actually said something positive about the Adaptation…please lift your hand and close your gaping mouth.

But Boobgate was not in any of the books and was unexpected. And it is causing another deep divide in the fan base. Boobgate, as pictured below, is when Jamie let his hand be placed on *LegHair’s boob and then left it there for a tad TOO long. (*sorry…I just bloody love the sound of LegHair in my head when writing it...can’t quit it).

             *Note the curved fingers in mid-squeeze. Oh Jamie...what have ye dun laddie?

                                                          For those in denial:

    And there was hand-caressing and kisslettes, 
don't forget.. 
                                          He looks like that with Claire too, right?

Many are saying that Jamie is getting creepy now, or at least is not living up to the Dream that is Jamie Fraser…that he has a ‘chink in his armor’ *or armour? He is a Nicked Knight. A Hero Sandwich with a bite taken out (okay, I will stop now) and others are saying he is just an inexperienced newlywed kid who was tempted but was not truly unfaithful, and should be forgiven. Most are expressing each view quite passionately, because, believe me, Outlander fans are nothing if not Passionistas! *forgive the idiom but it had to be said *wink*

Unlike the Saintly BookJamie, TVJamie is rather flawed. Therein lies the debate: Was Jamie's persona forever damaged in the show because he seemed to desire LegHair and copped a feel? And indeed he DID! You can see how he gives a very quick squeeze (see gif above) and cups the top of the Offending Boobage before letting his hand linger…so yea…in most places, that could be called foreplay or even sexual assault. *OMG! I hope Starz doesn’t go there…a Highland CSI Crime Unit takes fingerprints off the creamy white chest of the vindictive and spurned LegHair and imprisons Jamie for Statutory Squeezing!

In the largest FaceBook Outlander fan forum (that I moderate) called 'Outlander Series FaceBook Group', there are lively discussions going on to whether Jamie was just an innocent who was being kind to a young girl and letting her down gently, or if he was just a jerk and not controlling himself like a decent husband should, and really doesn’t love Claire as deeply as he does in the books.

Well, I say there is a test to find out. 

Ask yourself this question:

“If the roles were reversed and a newly married woman held hands with a young man she knew was crushing on her, and allowed her hand to be guided to his newly exposed penis to gently squeeze it and let it linger for a while as he talked of his love and almost succeeded in kissing her…would THAT have been okay? Would you think her temptation and touchy/feely/squeezy/horndogginess decent or honorable…or her love for her husband very strong? Would you think her obvious lust just 'natural' and your good opinion of her unaltered?

If YES, then welcome to #TeamJamieIsOnlyHumanOkay? If NO, then welcome to its #TeamJamieIsAManWhore 
*I am #TeamQuitChangingTheBloodyCharactersPersonalitiesAndAddingFuckedUpScenes

Book adaptations are always hard and changes must be made...but NOT to the main protagonist's strongest character trait! BookJamie, who we truly adore, is gallant, trustworthy and chivalrous. Loyal. MADLY in love with Claire. He is indeed the King of Men! TVJamie is just average. Well, below average actually because newlyweds are usually still smitten/fresh enough to desire only their wives. And that is the problem in a nutshell. Average guys can cop a feel and walk away from temptation...provoked temptation at that. The Jamie's of the world are never tempted...even a little. They certainly dont do to a 16 yr old girl what the above gifs show. Later on, even in the brothel scenes in the book, does Jamie not really get tempted...just horny. He caresses nobody's hands sweetly, gives not one sexy, short-of-breath kisslette and does not enjoy a wee bit-o boobage with lusty fingers.

The next episode should be interesting, especially since the story can, apparently, ricochet off the page and into God knows where with the snap of the fingers! Maybe we’ll see Claire fall into another Standing Stone and end up aboard the Battlestar Galactica or married to a Cylon somewhere.

Who I hope is played by Tobias Menzies.

He’d be kickass even in a metal costume…

**Late additions that popped in my mind during OS group discussions of this post and E9: 

       Jamie holding LegHair's snow white boob seemed familiar somehow... Ah! now I remember...

                   Official Music Video For Episode #9: 
                    'You Can't Touch This' by MC Hammer!

WHOA!! Diana replied to this blog post on Twitter! She does not agree with the 'boob=penis theory' I have...that each is a sexual zone and therefore equal in DO NOT TOUCHINESS. Interesting...
We replied back and forth a bit but my final say to tweeters was: Breasts are a sexual part of a woman's body that give women 2 areas with equal import to 1 dick IMHO. 
 Debating book related topics is part of the fun of blogs and I thank Diana for her opinions and responses...it is a privilage to have her pick mine out for ANY reason. 
*smiles and munches on popcorn* 

This expresses my feelings a bit better and yes, I chose a flesh colored background *smile*: 

Last one...promise. *smirk*

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