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Friday, March 4, 2016


1) Sam Hurt His Back During The Photo Shoot.

Photographers took pictures of Jamie and Claire in all but 4 of the 100 Kama Sutra positions before EW execs decided on 'The Lotus Blossom’, a favorite position of both George Clooney and Betty White. *seen in the detail below that EW won't show you
The last 4 positions were left untried as Sam pulled a muscle during the rather athletic 'The Bridge'...

The most subdued cover was chosen and now fans can show their children. Adult children. And husbands. Maybe.

2) Fans Get To See Sam’s Secret Tattoo At Long last!

The sepia-toned scar on Jamie’s left rib cage is actually a real life tattoo. Sam Heughan got a tat of his beloved childhood pet Cocker Spaniel “Gitti” (named after his first teenage crush, the classic beauty Brigitte Bardot) when he was drunk and waxing nostalgic on his 18th birthday. It was a spontaneous decision with no photo to help the tattoo artist who ‘did the best he could’. Diana Gabaldon wrote the Rorschach-Test-like tattoo into her story to accommodate Sam and save the Make-up Department at Starz a lot of cover-up and hassle.

3) The 'Hidden Frank Unexpected Orgasm Picture' Drove Most of the Magazine Sales.

Most Outlander marketing photographs are of Jamie and Claire, but it was inside picture of Frank (a.k.a. Fraaaaaaaaaank!) that, once discovered, ignited social media and helped skyrocket the EW sales through the roof.

Semi-nude photos of Tobias Menzies as Frank Randall wearing nothing but a fedora and an open copy of The Age of Innocence, that were deemed too hot to publish are being held under lock and key and will be sold at auction to help cover the expense of the over-budget costs of Caitriona Balfe’s push-up bras.

4) The First 2000 Editions Came With a Promotional Prize

If you were among the lucky first chunk of EW magazine buyers, you would have found a coupon for your very own McVibrator (Scottish size). The new plaid models will be out for sale by the summer.

5) The Original Photos Aren’t Any Kind of Nudes

Following the footsteps of fellow sci-fi/romance/blah blah blah…actress Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame, Caitriona Balfe refused to bare her breasts anymore on film and EW respected her wishes. The natural skin tones were airbrushed in afterwards. Sam, in a show of support and solidarity, refused to been photographed naked as well and asked for undies too. Concessions were made to allow for the 'natural' state of the actors bodies from being 'au natural' so long in the wilds of Scotland...

...and Terry Dresbach, the multi-talented costume designer for Outlander, was commissioned to create matching sturdy and durable (and edible) underwear in the actors’ joint chosen flavour of Black Licorice.

6) Sam, Cait and Tobias Are Really Married…To Each Other.

The coincidence of Diana’s books actually mirroring the reality of the Marital Triangle that this picture hints at is nothing short of miraculous. Ron Moore could NOT believe his luck! Cait already had two wedding rings, so they just asked her to keep her own on and it would save them a huge expense! In an odd twist of fate however, the iron metal ring is from Tobias (it is made from recycled pop can tabs) and the gold one is from Sam (it was his old nipple ring), exactly the opposite from their show characters.

Mr and Mrs and Mr Heughenzies (pronounced Hew-en-zees, their modified legal name) live in a newly renovated castle in Scotland with their Cocker Spaniels ‘Gitti 2’ and 'Gitti 3'.

                                               *EXCLUSIVE! Their wedding picture*

7) There Are Many Famous Fans of Outlander Who Are Part of a Secret Outlander Cult Following.

This cult is surreptitiously called, The Rippers (short for ‘bodice rippers’) and meets thrice weekly to honor Outlander for its place of honor in the Romance Novel world, which Diana really REALLY likes a lot…although I could be wrong. Here are more samples of their meetings. *Please call 1-800-HARLEQUINLANDER to join.

8) There are three factions of Outlander Morals Fans that have drawn battle fields because of this cover.
Pictures speak louder than words…so let’s see if YOU can see which of the 3 groupings people are in by their reaction to the cover...

*Please Note: this entire list may or may NOT be true. No promises...


  1. Funny...I wonder how you have the time for all this! I love your sense of humor! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cheers NJ Nonna! My husband wonders the same thing. *the answer is, of course, that I don't have time for this...that is why I finished it at 4:45 this morning. *scratches armpit and yawns*

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you maximumblue! That is always my bottom line...making a few good people laugh. Cheers!

  3. You are a riot, as usual, Denise! And I assume you will be first in line at the Frank auction with your credit card at the ready!

    1. Hey Nancy! Thank you for another nice comment...what a sweet person you are! *heart* And yes, I am applying for an increase in my line of credit so I am ready for my Frank Photos Acquisition. Cheers!

  4. Great !!! i love reading you !

    1. Cheers Christine! Kind of you to say! Spread the word! Writers love been read. :) Thank you...

  5. I found your blog from a FB group I visit. The group then proceeded to bad mouth you like crazy. I tried to tell them that I thought you were quite funny but they would have none of it.
    Good job! Keep it up, so glad I found this blog.

    1. Hey MellyMe! Glad you found me too! My bottom line is to help people smile a bit in their dreary day. :) *people hating on me is nothing new. Being a FB admin can be a tough job and I am admin to the largest FB group for Outlander and banned members, who ALWAYS say they are banned for NO REASON seek revenge by being haters. And those who are not banned members usually suffer from untreated genital herpes that manifests itself in insanity. Either way, they should be pitied but thanked for keeping me relevant. I get more people joining my group out of curiosity to see if I am truly so 'terrible' than anything...and since I have been admin for just over a year, the group has grown from 30,000 to 57,000plus as of today! Like they say, bad attention is better than no attention! :) Cheers darlin'!

  6. I feel honored to have been wrist slapped by you a couple of times, Denise, because of my posts. at least I know you are reading them! Cheers!

    1. Korrin TRacy: sorry if the wrist slap hurt. I just do my job over on OS...nothing personal. I owe you a couple of drinks, me thinks... *smile*

  7. So great! I love that humor. Thanks again!


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