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Sunday, January 12, 2014

GAME OF THRONES: Are you a Coinie?

I wrote this piece on January 2 2014 for my comrades on a great Face Book page called GAME OF THRONES FORUM *spoilers welcomed It is a Game of Thrones fan page where we all discuss/enlighten/argue/fight/share ideas and opinions about the HBO mega-hit. Beware...there be spoilers aplenty!

This was my attempt to put us in fun, identifiable groups:
For the NEWBIES (and Oldies to): *this is an personal opinion-post for those who wish to suckle at the teat of my Gandalf-like wisdom:

There are 3 types of Game of Thrones fans. They each have their own way of handling the ever-increasing deviations from the book that HBO are creating. I hope this list helps you face the oft times confusing posts on the forum that talk about various characters and events that may have only been in the books, only in the show or only in the time/expense conscious minds of D&D (David Benioff and D. B. Weiss)…and I hope it shows you that you are not alone.

1) Die Hard Book Fans (let’s call them Bookies): These loyalists loathe the increasing liberties D&D are taking with GRRM’s books and in consideration to the possibility that GRRM won’t keep up with the HBO series, vow not to watch the future shows that deal with unpublished sequels, even if it means years of waiting. *THEY HAVE THE PATIENCE OF A SAINT AND, OBVIOUSLY, A LIFE OUTSIDE THIS FORUM. HOW SAD.

2) Die Hard TV Fans (let’s call them HBOers): They either have read the books and could care less if HBO stays true to the word, or they refuse to read the books and are quite happy to just watch the show as is. Bring it on HBO. *THEY ARE IN IT FOR THE SEX SCENES. AND THE IMP. HOW SAD.

3) Coin Collectors (let’s call them Coinies): This fan base loves the books and the shows…not necessarily equally, but enough to have separated the books from the show and have decided to view them as two separate entities: two different sides of the same coin. They will enjoy the show with all its deviations, changes and character-blending and consider them the same way a fan of alternate-ending books /movies does…with a keen curiosity on how things will turn out on that side of the coin, but still eagerly awaiting the books to see how the real story plays out and ends on the true side of the coin. *THEY ARE BISEXUAL, BIPOLAR, BIODEGRADABLE AND RIDE BI-CYCLES. HOW SAD.

I am sure there are hybrids of this list but in general, these groups all play and suffer well together on this forum. Feel free to label yourself as you please.

I am a Coinie. Which are you?