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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

OUTLANDER: The Great 'Jamie's Ghost says "MINE" ' Debate! THE TRUTH REVEALED!


A leaked file from STARZ has given answer to an old Outlander mystery!

THE DOGGED QUESTION AT HAND: Does Jamie's ghost say 'Mine' just before Frank eagerly explores the, apparently, irresistible tongue-magnet that is Claire's nether regions?
*Men have been known to name their penises...names like Dick or Rod, so let's name Claire's lady bits too, for the sake of convenience. How about 'Mimi'? Apologies to all humanoid Mimi's, but it just fits somehow.

Both Frank and Jamie cannot seem to get enough of Claire's Mimi whether it's offered for breakfast OR lunch (which leads me to believe that Time Travel somehow magically transforms this usually malodorous area into a fragrant and decidedly popular lollipop-like treat).

Believers swear that Jamie says 'MINE' at the 10 second mark (see clip below) ...BUT if one looks and listens VERY closely, one will see that the very second Frank pushes in for a kiss, it is Mimi who whispers breathlessly for the legs to spread 'WIDE'. That girl is giving the orders!
The word we hear...is WIDE, not MINE! Listen closely:

Yes, the voice is husky and full of lusty need, but, so is Diana's.
Nuff said'.

Others are positive that the ethereal word being sighed in the wind really IS 'MINE', but from the kid's movie  'Nemo', edited and being played at an extremely slow RPM. Here is the original:

I think not. But that is my personal opinion.

Yet others say the voice is Claire's subconscious crying out for,
you got it...
Related image

But whatever YOU believe is fine with me. Let's just all agree that Mimi's
well-being is the ONLY important issue in this Table Top Tongue Tennis scene, okay?

Good stuff.