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Sunday, August 29, 2021

"YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY": Why Using Filters When Posting Grey Hair Selfies is Dishonest and Should Be A Crime

I am on a couple of Facebook pages that are for groups of likeminded women (and a few wandering men) of all walks of life and age groups who are either one of two things:

1) in the midst of growing out their hair to their natural grey (or thinking about it) or

2) fully grey

Those of us who are on these forums are looking for inspiration, advice and perhaps a camaraderie of sorts. We discuss options, experiences and voice our opinions liberally. 

As with all social media platforms, we have myriad personalities expressing myriad viewpoints, but the one constant and volatile bone of contention that erupts on a daily, if not thrice daily basis, is that of using filters when posting photos of ourselves with our grey or greying hair.

Are they a fair representation of what Going Grey really is? Do they show the reality of our waning days? Our decades of being pummelled like that hanging shank of raw beef in Rocky?

I am hear to tell you filters should be banned for 3 good reasons:

1) nobody can see the REAL you

2) seeing the REAL you could to be a life-altering experience for someone

3) many of us don't know HOW to use filters and don't want to feel left behind

Truth is, if we don 't see your wrinkles, pimples, scars, sagging under-eye baggage, road-map freckles, hairy moles or your crap make-up job, how can we look at ourselves with any modicum of relief? Chances are we look better than most people posting so it's only fair the playing field is level... you know what I mean?

One should be happy in their own skin and be proud to be themselves without reservation or fear of ridicule. Those who filter themselves are NOT fooling anyone, and they should be ashamed, and thrown in jail for making others feel they are inadequate for not 'looking as good'. We ALL know online Facebook forums are where to go for Authenticity and Truth so it simply must be protected!

So, in this vein of Openness and Honesty, I am posting photos of myself WITHOUT a filter, and hope everyone jumps on board, sees what self-awareness, acceptance and confidence looks like, and promises to be honest with themselves, their Facebook Communities and their God, Allah, Buddha...or whichever deity they may worship, and whose pictures are also always authentic and unfiltered. 

Thank you for letting me vent. 

Here I am, in all my unfiltered glory, going about my workdays in the office:

And finally...